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Metallurgy, mining lead the 2011 PLC market growth

The so-called "Summer Solstice shade, after the 2011 PLC market in the first half of continuation of the state of retaliatory growth in the second half of the year and finally, in the dual role of the external economic environment was quiet and even depression. China PLC market overall scale (DIO) in 2011 amounted to 8.8 billion yuan, an increase of 36% from the previous year dropped to 17.3%.

"2012 China the PLC market research report shows that in 2011, the project-based market in the case of the slowdown in infrastructure investment, still by virtue of the rise of the emerging markets and traditional industry energy-saving emission reduction increased demand and steady growth. Metallurgy largest segment of the industry as a project-based market in 2011 due to the increase of the energy-saving renovation project to achieve a year-on-year growth of 29%; mining at 27% growth in 2011 to become the dark horse of the project-based market. OEM market, mining machinery and packaging machinery, respectively, 39% and 27% growth ahead of other industries, wind power by -22% negative growth in the bottom.

OEM markets have been badly hit in the second half of 2011, but growth for the whole year is still more impressive. China PLC market in 2011, the project type size of the market grew by 15.6%, the OEM market size growth of 18.8%.

Product market, in 2011, medium-sized PLC with 21% of the growth still continues slowly erode the size of the PLC market trends. From the the market accounting point of view, the medium-sized PLC market share 0.9 percentage points more than in 2010 to enhance, large and small PLC fell 1.5 percentage points and 0.3 percentage points respectively. This is mainly due to the market in project-based, large-scale PLC market at both ends by mid-DCS and medium-sized PLC squeezing its main application industries, electricity, municipal market the past two years has not been a greater improvement, growth is limited. OEM market transformation and upgrading of information technology, security features, analog demand increases, the small PLC has also led to a lot of users to upgrade to the medium.

Competitive landscape view from the supplier, the PLC market competition pattern remains relatively stable 2011 years ago, eight manufacturers ranked exactly the same as in 2010. Siemens PLC market remains a giant throne. The 2011 Rockwell a large PLC City factory fastest-growing, medium-sized PLC market, Siemens to further enhance the market share in 2011, reflecting the strong stronger trend. Omron virtue of the CP1E hot, becoming the 2011 small PLC market is the fastest growing manufacturers.

Europe and the United States and Japanese brands still dominate the the PLC market dominance, but in 2011 the universality of the local manufacturers of high growth, and also become the new force in this market can not be ignored.