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Company Name:Beijing Well Start Transmission Co., Ltd.
Contact: Jing Zong
Add: No.2305 Huateng Beitang Commercial Tower No.37 Nanmofang Road, Chaoyang District,Beijing, China

◆YEAR 1998 — Beijing Well Start Trading Co., Ltd. formally registered and established.
at same year with CHMC on sintering plant project of WUGANG signed parts supply contract, Our company has laid a good foundation for the development of metallurgical industry.

◆Year 1999 — Signed looms imported parts supply contract with shenma group, and nylon 66 salt chemical industry limited imports mud pump and supply contracts. Signed with the State-owned Zhengzhou textile machinery factory, 7,500 tons of polyester staple fiber line parts supply contract. Achieve major breakthroughs in chemical fiber industry.

◆YEAR 2000 — With cooperation ALEMITE of  USA, agent owned oil mist lubrication system products.

◆YEAR 2001 — signed with ZZFJ 30,000 tons of polyester staple fiber plant  parts supply contract with ZZFJ and reducers , gear motor supply contracts for viscose.

◆YEAR 2002 — Signed with MECC auxiliary equipment supply contracts of CCM . Signed with JIGANG imported parts supply contract.Sales breakthrough of millions of dollars, the initial formation of scale operation.

◆YEAR 2003 — Sighed with  Tanggang rolling mill top matching supply contract Signed with ZZJF parts supply contracts for 50,000 tons of polyester staple fiber plant.

◆YEAR 2004 — Beijing Well Start Textile Science and technology Co., Ltd. established, marks the company's transition to a scale business in the textile industry. In June, the company moved new office to  to Huateng Beitang Commercial Tower.

◆YEAR 2005 — Signed OEM cooperation agreement with Siemens Automation and drives group, company turnover exceeded 30 million Yuan.

◆YEAR 2006 — Beijing Well Start Textile Science & Technology Co., Ltd.  changed its name to Beijing Well Start Transmission Co. Ltd.   company registered capital increased to 5 million Yuan.

◆YEAR 2007 — Established strategic partnerships in China wigh SEW China wholly promote SEW reducer, motor product in the industrial areas, historic company turnover exceeded 50 million Yuan.

◆YEAR 2008 — Strengthening the internal management of the company, improving the quality of teams.
Signed Siemens motor supply Contract for Elevator accessories with Henan Xuchang Relay Factory.

◆YEAR 2009 — Provide Coke for iron and steel company Shougang jingtang port imported accessories required for the project. To provide a stage for machinery import Motor reducer, Chengdu, Sichuan, marks the company further expanded the field of sales.

◆YEAR 2010 — Signed Siemens Motor supply Contract for Huaxi 30,000 tons, Fujian 50,000ton polyester staple fiber Plant with Signed With Beijing Zhonglee spinning machine import accessory contract. Signed imported parts contracts with Jigang for Coking Plant .

◆YEAR 2011 — Signed with Hengtian Heavy Ind SEW reducer, Motor reducer supply contract for viscose plant.  Signed with Beijing Zhonglee Belt , touch panel supply contracts .